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The team at Tennessee Valley Solar (TVS) specializes in solar PV (photovoltaic) array design, sizing and installation for residential, commercial and government contracts. The knowledgeable staff has completed the most up-to-date training in the advancements of module racking, module design and installation procedures in order to provide customers with the best products available that are virtually maintenance free. The aforementioned training and knowledge includes NABCEP certified technicians for sales and installation, Solar World factory training and over 20 years combined experience in the housing, electrical and solar fields.

Professional quality work combined with competitive pricing assures the highest rate of return possible on your new PV array. Contact Tennessee Valley Solar for your no obligatory property analysis and find out how to stop paying your local utility company forever.

Tennessee Valley Solar

What Are the Benefits of Solar?

Creates Jobs

Solar power creates jobs. In fact, solar power creates A LOT of jobs. Money invested in solar power creates more jobs than money invested in coal or natural gas.


Energy Reliability

The rising and setting of the sun is consistent. No matter where we are we know exactly when it will rise and set every day of the year. We can’t predict the clouds unfortunately, but we do have fairly good seasonal and daily projections for the amount of sunlight that will be received in different locations. This makes solar power an extremely reliable source of energy.

Money Savings

Solar power saves you money. Installing solar panels on your roof could save you tens of thousands of dollars. The average 20-year savings for Americans who went solar in 2011 were projected to be a little over $20,000. In New York, California, and Florida, the projected savings were over $30,000. In the sunny, but expensive paradise known as Hawaii the projected savings were nearly $65,000!

Saves Society Millions

Solar power saves society billions or trillions of dollars. Within the coming decades, global warming is projected to cost society trillions of dollars if left unabated. So, why not get ahead of it with solar. Solar Power could and most likely will save society billions or even trillions of dollars.

Energy Independence

Solar power provides energy independence. Because solar energy is abundant and free for all to use, once you have solar panels, you have an essentially independent source of electricity that is all your own. This is important for individuals, but also for cities, counties, states, countries and even companies. The Ukraine in recent years has saved approximately $3 billion thanks to the solar power plants developed by a single developer.

Slows Global Warming

Solar power helps to slow/stop global warming. Global warming threatens the survival of human life, as well as the survival of countless other species. Fortunately, research has led to efficient solar panel systems that create electricity without producing global warming pollution. Solar power is now very clearly one of the most important solutions to this crisis.

What Are the Disadvantages of Solar?


There’s only one disadvantage, the sun can’t shine all the time. Even so, we can help you figure out an estimated shine versus cloud so you can know what to expect.

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Are you are farmer who needs a place to park farm equipment or tractors and also wants to save on their electric bill? Are you a homeowner who wants a place to park your car or truck so it’s out of the rain? Our canopy installations are a great match for you and your needs. Because our canopy not only provides solar power to your home as well as a functional part of your home/ farm, it’s one of our most popular products. Be sure you ask about the canopy and whether it’s an option for you!

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